2016 Dodge Charger Features Review

Hey guys Charles here again with don Marshall sit down here next to this 20 inch aluminum alloy wheel in hyper black and men it is beautiful what that real listening on is the 2016 charger SRT 392 package. We wanted to show you a quick look at the 2016 Dodge Charger, so we figured why not pick the top dog. Big Boy the absolute beast. This is it right here we’re gonna show you all about it. What you’re looking at here. These dodges. Haley 392392 standing for 300 92 cubic inch. And if you look deep down in here you’ll notice that the engine block.

Dodge ChargerPainted oldschool hemi orange which is a a neat throwback to the to the sixties and seventies of. Of the gods wanting. Now this motor puts out 485 horsepower in stock form and it sounds like it is growling and snarling at you every time you hit the gas pedal. Let’s take a look inside at some of the finer features. Alright sitting inside the 2016 charger and again this just happens to be the SRT 319 package so you’re gonna notice a lot of things that you wouldn’t see on some of the less expensive models now this 1 just happens to be filled up with an 8 speed automatic transmission, it is available in a manual transmission as well on some trim levels.

This is another cool feature that tug Dodge has right now. The best in class, 8.5 inch color touch screen monitor now that’s gonna feature your navigation system your climate control. Radio and everything else all incorporated into one touch screen monitor. You’ve got leather interior available moon roofs. Hands free Bluetooth steering wheel radio controls and on the automatic models you’ll see that it has paddle shifters. Which is a unique to this trim level. We figured we wrap this video up by showing you these tail lights that wrapped, all the way across the back of the vehicle it’s kind of become a thing of signature look from Dodge on site http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html headlights Dodge.

In the charger does not let us down in that aspect. Now remember these are what we call quick looks videos we we just give you a glimpse at all of the different things that the Dodge Charger has to offer now if you really really want to know some of the finer details, you need to come on down to don Marshall talk to one of their sales product specialist.

Nissan Headlight Bulb Replacement LED

Nissan Headlight Bulb Replacement LEDAre you guys on the show you have to have be to remove your headlight today so you can change your headlight on a Nissan versa. You can see right here this plug right here. We’re gonna do appears we’re gonna wiggle the software to get this off first alright is when the take this plug off here. Since we will it off. If. All you got to pull it off okay agency the 3 prongs I think we’re gonna do is we’re gonna remove this gasket writers next step okay and take this flag gasket off here and has a little odd habit you can use to pull that little tab is right. Here you can see from this little clap their. This light is kind of.

It’s working out I guess okay so we’re gonna take that and I’m going to hold this classically. The rubber grommet off their. The single disc to keep water out of there and came. So there we go take that off there. Keep it like going here force. All right and now we’re just gonna circlet these little switch is a little. Meadow clippings that hold the yeah quite Baldwin.

Pollution in I can’t sing the camera. China by looking at the camera. So Okay I’m gonna have to nissan titan headlights. Published at the camera for just a minute but we’re gonna do as you can see these little right here these little this club here in this clip here you can see how they’re hooked in right there went to flip them down and put him over I can’t deal with that the camera here so let me turn this off now seeing that in just a second okay at the opening there’s a little clips right there and I’m not gonna lie they were a pain in the headlight that while the top one was very easy get off with the second one was.

The pain in the headlight to get to know someone put it back in and now so you the rest. Little clips right there you gotta pushing man and then flip it up in their hook to these right there too little hope down there so it’s really tight in there and it’s really hard and never ceases need to may’s me how these engineers just. Are stupid as hell. Alright so hold on putting in it’s a 9003 that’s actually goes in my to calm also which is pretty nice. So here’s a bubble headlight in and just make sure you don’t touch the. The glass on their okay. Now here’s the 3 prongs and clean it out. What our homeland.

It’s gonna sit in there like. So. These 2 bottom clips available at the bottom this guy right here the top one is going to go here. And the 3 prongs. A spokesman said just like that inside there. Alright so put it back in now so you got so Hovhannes soon got a back end them on the slip the rubber grommet back over it. And also you down just a second now we’re gonna put the plug in the 3 prong plug okay powered out me you know that it’s real tight in there headlight just be patient and it can be done. Just those little metal parts to hold the light in our little tough to get off. Are you guys until next time and new thumbs up and subscribe thanks a lot for watching. Until next time.

Bilstein expands the assortment of shock absorbers

Bilstein ex, adding the new positions to the lie of shock absorbers В12.

shock absorbersAt the moment, Bilstein can offer 993 set of shock absorbers, suitable for 1718 car models. At that, 236 items are completely new. The company´s offer covers the latest car models, as VW Golf VII, Audi A3 8V, Ford fusion, SEAT Leon 5F and others.

The line of shark absorbers В12 is divided into 2 variants, among which is the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit with the reduction to 40 mm and Bilstein B12 Sportline with the reduction to 40 mm. Besides, the most models from the line В8, representing the specially shortened single-tube high-performance shock absorbers with Eibach springs and inverted technology as used in 2006 Ford fusion headlights, have the analogs with springs Eibach.
All the components, used in the shock absorbers, pass the strict control and special tests, which allows the harmoniously adjust them for their optimal use under all conditions without the loss of comfort.

Turbocharged engines.

Turbocharged enginesThe positive characteristics of the car with a turbocharged engine is their behavior at high altitudes where the atmosphere contains much less oxygen than at the height of the territories is not much greater than 0 meters above sea level. High in the mountains capacity of turbocharged engines, though is reduced, but not so much as power of conventional engines.

Speaking of cars benefits with turbocharged engine, it should also be noted that the exploitation costs cheap. They do not require a lot of fuel (although this is not evident in all possible modes). But it must be said about the shortcomings, which, unfortunately, is also available. For example, in the operation of turbocharged engines require a careful approach. Immediately after the start they should be given some time to perform idle before you go on a trip. Another drawback is that the turbine heats up rather quickly. In this regard, it must often be cooled. Therefore, you must constantly monitor the air filter was serviceable.

Auto Glass and our security

Major manufacturers of auto glasses to ensure maximum safety of its products for the driver and passengers, invest heavily in new technologies and know-how. However, many artisan producers supply the market with low-quality auto glass, which bear a considerable threat to the health of passengers.

auto glass

These are not empty words. Many road accidents could have less dire consequences if quality glass was installed in the car.

If the vehicle is fitted with handicraft glass follows are inevitably:

  • Upon impact by the windshield the stone hit him through and pose a real threat to life and health for passengers inside.
  • In a frontal collision of the vehicles the driver and passengers inertia rush forward and hit his head on the windshield. The effects are exacerbated by severe injuries due to the fact that the glass can’t withstand the impact, and the man literally hit it by his head.
  • Tempered glass (side or rear) on impact is divided into large fragments with sharp edges, which are flying away on the interior and are capable of causing serious injury to the upper body parts.

Batteries for cars

The battery is one of the basic units of the car. Like all complex devices, batteries periodically fail and need to be replaced. This article will address all issues, concerning to motorists who buy the battery for their car.

Batteries for cars

Functions of car battery

Three features that executes the battery in your car:

    • power supply to the starter to start the engine
    • electrical power of vehicle when the engine is switched off (for example, alarms, lighting, and so on)
    • power supply during the high request (eg, when the air conditioner is working), when the power of generator is not enough.

One of the main technical characteristics – nominal capacity of the battery – is the amount of electricity that a fully charged battery gives over in a certain time. As higher the number is, so longer vehicle electrical appliances will be able to work on a single charge.

Dunlop tires: advantages and features

The production of company Sumitomo Rubber Industries takes stable 5th place in the world in the volume of sales although the car market is filled with the offers of tires from different brands and models. Dunlop tires are produced in the US, Europe and Asia. They are issued in summer, all-season and winter variant.

Dunlop tires

Dunlop tires are strong demand and highly appreciated by the motorists, as they have some special advantages and distinctive characteristics:

  • a wide range of Dunlop tires – for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as for SUVs;
  • relatively low prices;
  • the high level of resistance to aquaplaning;
  • excellent stability in maneuvering and turning;
  • stable low noise level;
  • high comfort of driving;
  • stable safety of movement;
  • the short stopping distance;
  • the present of special polymer additives, providing the durability of tires in the compound of rubber;
  • stability of movement (both at high and at low speeds);
  • Dunlop rubber has a unique tread pattern, which provides excellent self-cleaning of the wheel;
  • the tread of winter tires is laminated and has the effective lugs, which allows to move confidently both on the icy and on the snow-covered highway;
  • the tread pattern is created with the use of digital technologies and provide an excellent adhesion in any weather;
  • a wide range of operating temperatures with the preservance of elasticity.

Bearing is an essential part of any car

Bearing is an essential part of any car.

Nowadays of high speeds and innovative technologies, the majority became to forget what’s inside the bearing, which has a lot of species.


Car wheel, steering wheel and other nodes associated with rotation can’t work without the use of the bearing.
In cases where the construction of car provides the internal combustion engine with a timing belt type as a driving force, in the mechanism of the rollers bearings are used necessarily.

Bearings are a fundamental component of all moving parts, reducing friction and noise during the rotation process. To improve performance of bearings you need to use lubricants.

These materials, used for maintenance of bearings, help to extend their service lives, protect them from overheating, without letting them fall apart. Bearings produced by modern industry, are made from high-strength materials, and they clearly meet the necessary standards, otherwise (minimum deviation) can lead to irreversible deleterious effects.