Batteries for cars

The battery is one of the basic units of the car. Like all complex devices, batteries periodically fail and need to be replaced. This article will address all issues, concerning to motorists who buy the battery for their car.

Batteries for cars

Functions of car battery

Three features that executes the battery in your car:

    • power supply to the starter to start the engine
    • electrical power of vehicle when the engine is switched off (for example, alarms, lighting, and so on)
    • power supply during the high request (eg, when the air conditioner is working), when the power of generator is not enough.

One of the main technical characteristics – nominal capacity of the battery – is the amount of electricity that a fully charged battery gives over in a certain time. As higher the number is, so longer vehicle electrical appliances will be able to work on a single charge.

Dunlop tires: advantages and features

The production of company Sumitomo Rubber Industries takes stable 5th place in the world in the volume of sales although the car market is filled with the offers of tires from different brands and models. Dunlop tires are produced in the US, Europe and Asia. They are issued in summer, all-season and winter variant.

Dunlop tires

Dunlop tires are strong demand and highly appreciated by the motorists, as they have some special advantages and distinctive characteristics:

  • a wide range of Dunlop tires – for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as for SUVs;
  • relatively low prices;
  • the high level of resistance to aquaplaning;
  • excellent stability in maneuvering and turning;
  • stable low noise level;
  • high comfort of driving;
  • stable safety of movement;
  • the short stopping distance;
  • the present of special polymer additives, providing the durability of tires in the compound of rubber;
  • stability of movement (both at high and at low speeds);
  • Dunlop rubber has a unique tread pattern, which provides excellent self-cleaning of the wheel;
  • the tread of winter tires is laminated and has the effective lugs, which allows to move confidently both on the icy and on the snow-covered highway;
  • the tread pattern is created with the use of digital technologies and provide an excellent adhesion in any weather;
  • a wide range of operating temperatures with the preservance of elasticity.

Bearing is an essential part of any car

Bearing is an essential part of any car.

Nowadays of high speeds and innovative technologies, the majority became to forget what’s inside the bearing, which has a lot of species.


Car wheel, steering wheel and other nodes associated with rotation can’t work without the use of the bearing.
In cases where the construction of car provides the internal combustion engine with a timing belt type as a driving force, in the mechanism of the rollers bearings are used necessarily.

Bearings are a fundamental component of all moving parts, reducing friction and noise during the rotation process. To improve performance of bearings you need to use lubricants.

These materials, used for maintenance of bearings, help to extend their service lives, protect them from overheating, without letting them fall apart. Bearings produced by modern industry, are made from high-strength materials, and they clearly meet the necessary standards, otherwise (minimum deviation) can lead to irreversible deleterious effects.